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The Jah

The Jah. A once proud draken clan of Duinfell. Though the days when the name was feared, not scorned, have nearly been lost to time. In an age long passed, the Jah were allies with the great warbands of orcs and ferocious beast peoples of the land. Their union formed a trinity of power against the rising menace of the Niarhannin elves. They stood as a breaker against the tide of the elves, fighting along side their allies to repel them from their home. And when a great spell, meant to finally rid this plane of the wretched elves, instead became a cursed them and their allies to a war with no end. A spell meant to save them all, instead kept the Elves locked in time. They could slay an entire battalion, only to find those they slew would awaken whole and alive the next day. The elves found immortality, while they and their allies mourned their fallen. Left with no choice, the Jah continued to fight, rather than run. In doing so, their numbers dwindled with generations fighting the war of their forefathers. An all out conflict, became a war of attrition, until the day came at long and bloody last, when the Niarhannin slain no longer returned from death. Now the Jah seek to finish the war their ancestors began so long ago, and reclaim the lands, honor and power that rightfully belong to them.

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  1. Artenen Aeolus

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