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LarpCraft 2017 Game of the Worlds Sept. 1st - 4th

LarpCraft is pleased to offer the Game of the Worlds 2017 hosted by LarpCraft of Milwaukee, Sheboygan, Green Bay, Stevens Point, Springfield and Coffs Harbour. This world event will be done with the Myths & Legends game system at the Woodlands of Esker in the Kingdom of Norhaven.

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Out of game info -
LarpCraft welcomes all hosts, elders and players to our largest attempt at a world event to date! This event will be hosted over the US Labor Day holiday which could become the World Event weekend of choice going forward. As mentioned in the title, we'll be playing on Myrium, the Myths & Legends Medieval Fantasy world of LarpCraft Game Systems. Players will vote on which system to use in the world game as we bring other systems online, but for now we'll use Myths & Legends as it's currently the only active system within LarpCraft. Know, as more players come each year, we'll be expanding this event to a full week and 2 weekends.

The event location is Camp Sinawa in Valders, WI. Our 300 acre realm features over 7 miles of glacial trails, multiple themed campsites, bathrooms throughout the park, a new heated-tile shower house, cabins, lake and island. For Myths & Legends we'll be playing on the primitive 200 aces in this fantastic fun-filled extra long weekend of adventure!

Address: Camp Sinawa - 9113 Camp Siwana Rd, Valders, WI 54245

$20 Weekend Event Fee (includes use of Shower house)
$10 Cabin bunk per night (includes use of Shower house). We fill cabins when we have the bunks filled. If you wish to rent a whole cabin without filling it, PM Artenen Aeolus.
$5 Out of game camping fee per night (includes use of Shower house)
In-game camping FREE (includes use of Shower house)
Large Vendors: $50 with power in-game. No fee if you're not selling items for real money. No fee if you have less than 50 items for sale using real money. All powered vendors will be set up in the first camp (sugar maple).

Character Garb Contest: Friday night in Clear Sky Village around 9pm. Judged among your peers. Best looking character wins loot, XP, title, trophy and Larp gear.
Best Dance & Song Contest: Friday Night in Clear Sky Village: Best songs and dances until Midnight. Wins loot, XP, title, trophy and Larp gear.
Best In-Game Shop Setup: Judges will walk around to all campsites and judge your props, tools and tents set up for in-game professions. Winner announced Monday Morning. Wins loot, XP, title, trophy and Larp gear.
Fighters Tournament: Clear Sky Village (details to be announced)
Casters Tournament: Clear Sky Village (details to be announced)
Archery Tournament: Clear Sky Village (details to be announced)
Professions Tournament: Clear Sky Village (details to be announced)

Flow Itinerary:
Thursday - Setup anytime, after your camp is set up, please drive your vehicles out of the game area and into the parking lot. You can begin playing as your character as early as Thursday.

Friday - Setup until 8pm. All vehicles must be out of the game area by 8pm SHARP. Anyone coming to set up in-game after 8pm on Friday, I'm sorry, you'll have to set up in the out of game area. We respect the rights of the players to try and increase immersion and coming late to set up is a major break in this immersion. Elders will be on site all day Friday to give new player orientations. If this is your first game, you must come Friday to talk with the elders about how we play and score. We will not allow new players to register on Saturday. Period.

Official calling of the Esker Celebration by King Murdoch McArthur happens at 8pm in Clear Sky Village. Orc,Undead etc. camps may also begin their camp celebrations at 8pm.

Saturday - Full combat game on at first light.

Sunday - Full game on until first light of Monday morning.

Monday - Checkout begins at 9am. Players can checkout early using the character records sheet at anytime. We'll have a checkout box for your game mats, coin and sheets where you can place them in ziploc bags.

You can camp in-game with a period tent or approved modern tent with proper canvas cover. All dwellings must be safe from rain collapse so canvas will need to water repellent before we approve them for in-game use. If you wish to camp out of game in a modern tent, please feel free to do so. We have a lot of space at the camp for grass style camping. RV and Campers are allowed but without services. If you are going to run a generator on your RV, we'll have all RV's set up on the north end of the parking lot for said use. If you wish to rent a cabin, they are also out of game and feature sleeping for 4-6 people. Cabins are not air conditioned and do not include bedding, only a mattress so bring pillows and blankets from home of you plan to stay in a cabin. All cabins and campsites must be left clean and trash taken out or you'll face character deletion. Bring a broom to sweep out tents, cabins and such if you can.

Do not leave the shower house or bathrooms dirty. If you made a mess in a stall, clean it up! There is no maid service on duty so any makeup, etc. that is left in the bathrooms will be dealt with swiftly. This was a problem during the last worlds game folks... you have to clean up your makeup area before you leave!

The woods will not likely be lit so bring a torch (flashlight) that is covered. We do not want open-flame lighting devices on site for risk of fire.

All fire pits must have a stone ring and hidden fire extinguisher nearby. Do NOT leave a campfire burning unattended or your character will be deleted. All campsites have fire pits and we'll provide limited amounts of wood to burn. You are free to gather and burn wood you collect in the woods.

Bring bug spray. We do our best to treat each campsite to reduce the amount of insects but this is 200 acres of woods and as such, going off the trails may lead to things like ticks and spiders catching a ride. Wear bug spray and check yourself to keep yourself safe. Ticks haven't been a big problem the last few years and again, we do our best to make sure all campsites are as free of insects as we can make them.

Food will be bring what you wish. Trying to feed hundreds of people collectively over 200 aces doesn't work well and increases the entry cost 10 fold. We would instead ask you to bring your own cookware and make your own food as you're able. Each campsite may contain one or multiple Inns where players will be offering food in-game and in-character. It is the responsibility of the players to help those folks out and toss a few bucks in their tip jar to help with food costs as you are able along with possible in-game food charges as the characters dictate. This is a period game set to Medieval so make sure your bowls and cups look period. Players who expose modern eating and drinking items may face severe penalties. We take decorum seriously at the game of the worlds. This is our most prestigious event so plan accordingly with set decorations, props and alike.

Friday night is our relaxed night where we consume moderated amounts of alcohol for those of age. 21 and older wristbands are required for alcohol consumption and there are no battles Friday night. You are not allowed to swing weapons if you've been drinking. LarpCraftians have done an excellent job of controlling this in the 7 years we've been hosting games. Keep in mind some players are officers and elders. If you are caught doing something illegal, we will call law enforcement immediately and your profile will be deleted. We do not want players to be drinking Saturday or Sunday nights since the game never "ends" each night. In the past we used the yellow bands and Breathalyzer but this became too hard to enforce so we went with a Friday night no fighting and then full game-on Saturday morning.

We do have a breathalyzer on site and if you are found to be breaking these rules, you'll be asked to leave and your profile will be deleted. Don't risk it. Vendors and players are not allowed to sell alcohol for real money either.

If you must smoke, you will be required to do so in period pipes and related. No modern cigarettes are allowed in-game and players must police their butts or you'll be asked to leave. Smoking in the woods is dangerous and could start a fire so please do not toss a cig out in the leaves.

Larp Weapons
All weapons and related props will be required to be theatrical in nature. No duct tape or boffers will be allowed at this game. All weapons will be inspected and banded as safe for use at the Clear Sky Iron Griffon Legion Barracks. We do our best to inspect everything in game as our characters, not as elders so be ready for some fun roleplay even doing inspection.

Obviously, no real weapons will be allowed in the game, no even as a prop.

Players are expected to be able to turn off in-game drama between characters if character bleed begins to develop. Players who can't control their emotions or can't turn off their characters will be asked to leave without refund. While the in-game drama can be intense, players need to be able to come out of their role if character bleed begins to happen. We're all here to have fun folks.

Setup & Teardown
Players are expected to setup and tear down in a timely manner. It is appreciated that players help one another with camp setup and cleanup and extra XP / coin will be awarded for such efforts. When players stick around and help in this fashion it saves countless hours of the hosting teams and elders.

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King Murdoch McArthur and Grath Dragous giveth praise for this remark!

Event Information

Aug 31, 2017 at 10:00 AM
Aug 31, 2017 at 5:00 PM

Location for map. Or use Coordinates (example 43.778043, -87.745651)

Camp Sinawa 9113 Camp Siwana Rd, Valders, WI 54245