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0000Myths and Legends Medieval LARP System

Myths and Legends Larp System

  1. Myths & Legends Rulebook

    Ask questions under the main posts for each section. Changes are marked in red for the skills. Be sure to re-read the core mechanics as they have changed. Big changes are how stabbing works, permission to touch is now granted, Elemental magic and specializations.
    Latest: Blowgun And Poison Wiktor Kostka, Dec 21, 2017
  2. History and Lore

    Here members can extend the creativity of their lore. Posts must be made in character or they will be deleted.
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  3. Haloria Forum Roleplay Area

    Haloria represents the roleplay folks can take part in as the past history of Myrium. Haloria will never be physically represented at any larp game as it's designed to help grow characters through forum based roleplay using the Myths & Legends system and lore. You will need to make a new Haloria character to post and build in this area of the site.
    Latest: An Awakening Liandria Raleous, May 7, 2017
  4. Myths & Legends Tabletop Game

    Myths & Legends Tabletop Game
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