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Crafting groups. The art of making the game.

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  1. Larp Weapons
    21 members, 983 views.
  2. Historical Metal Armor
    17 members, 1.3K views.
  3. Medieval Structures
    11 members, 1.1K views.
  4. LarpCraft Facilities
    10 members, 384 views.
  5. Larp Archery
    9 members, 858 views.

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Groups being shown from all child categories.

public Tent Talk

The community about LARP tents
The group discussing how to craft Larp shields
The community group about historical metal armor!
Medieval structures made out of wood, stone or alike.

public Larp Weapons

Community on how to craft your own Larp Weapons

public Larp Archery

The community about LARP archery

public Blacksmithing

General Blacksmithing Community
If it's makeup for your Larp Character... this is the place to be.
Join us in making awesome medieval garb!
The community that is dedicated to making character props.
The community to discuss thoughts and ideas about setting up permanent Larp locations.

public Leather Armor

The community about leather armor
Learn how to craft leather corsets

public BrokenTale

BrokenTale’s music is wide ranging, from world music to symphonic, cinematic and even heavy rock.