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Artenen Aeolus

Ultralight Armor In LarpCraft Ultralight Armor: Arming jackets or heavy gambesons like the one below. They must pass safety protocol for heat and use as deemed by the event host. This padding for ultralight armor was designed to be the protection one would wear UNDER ARMOR but will count as 1 point if worn by itself. The article must be able to be worn under armor as a protective barrier, that was the intent.

Artenen Aeolus, May 30, 2017
King Murdoch McArthur Giveth praise for this remark!
    • King Murdoch McArthur
      wish i had been there i have like 4 more styles that you could have shown, one is the ones i sell but i have like 3 others too :(. Also i have some stuff that _looks_ like a gamby that isn't and should not count.

      Stay away from moving blankets like Ryan gets at. You will COOK in them, they often are not only polyester they have fiberglass in them. Most better coats like this will be cotton canvas or even heavy linen on the high end.

      But you want mostly cotton and other natural fibers, they do not retain heat as badly. I think Ryan's off white one is a get dress for battle or one of their subcontractors, the black one? I can't tell in the pic. Bbut MANY from sites like Medieval collectables are poly fill and poly cotton blend shells, they can be thinner and still be HOTTER than a thicker coat that is cotton or fustain or even some kinds of wool, much less super cool linen. So look for comfortable cut ans thickness, and natural materials.
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    May 30, 2017
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