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June 2nd 3rd 4th 2017 Port Washington Pirate Fest

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June 2nd 3rd 4th 2017 Port Washington Pirate Fest
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Artenen Aeolus
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Apr 19, 2017
June 2, 2017 8:00 AM
June 4, 2017 9:00 AM
rotary park port washington, wi


LarpCraft of Wisconsin is pleased to announce we'll have a booth at Port Washington Pirate Festival again this year! This will be the 2nd year we're helping out at pirate fest down in Port Washington. We'll be running the huge 20x30 tent and doing some neat things within our area such as:
  • Larp Archery - We'll have a shooting booth.
  • Brig Bust Out - We'll be holding teachers hostage in our brig. They'll be held captive until folks pay to get them released. We'll then give all the money earned to that school as a grant. This is sponsored by Meemic Insurance Company / Adventure Insurance Agency
  • Sales - we'll have garb, weapons and swag for people to buy from Murdoch and myself.
  • Parade - We'll be in the Pirate Parade that goes downtown.
  • Music - We're allowed to bring our sound system to play period music. Perhaps some dancing?
  • Sparing - Demos for Larp, HEMA and maybe SCA along with info to hand out for all 3. May even build a fenced area... not sure, depends on the location.
  • Professionary crafting tables for the kids - Would like to set up a "make a potion" or something table so kids can craft their own potion... maybe get some blue and red sand they put into a bottle or something.
  • Treasure Quest - make some maps for the folks to follow to answer clues and come up with a treasure chest they have to find.
  • Pirate Costume Contest - We'll judge the best dressed and award prizes, it may even include a AAA membership! This will be over the entire weekend. We'll take pictures and then post them here the week after to judge via vote in the forums.
We need volunteers for this event or some of the activities will not be doable. Many of our SCA players will be at Mermaids that weekend but we have myself, @Michael "The Disciplinarian" Trickfoot, @King Murdoch McArthur and some of the WI Elders helping out.

This is a free event and we did get some larp interest last year. It was a lot of laughs!

Recent Comments

    Artenen Aeolus more_vert
    Artenen Aeolus
    Met with the promoter last night. We're getting a huge upgrade...
    Artenen Aeolus more_vert
    Artenen Aeolus
    We met with the promoter last night and have moved our location. Last year, we were in the little booth marked in red. This year, we have a huge grassy area, marked in Blue. We'll be measuring our what medieval tents we'll need to bring but we're looking to host product sales, archery contest, ring toss, battle training demos and more! We're also in the parade this year! Our booth is sponsored by Adventure Insurance Agency so we'll have some cool AAA prizes and games as well.