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LarpCraft of Oklahoma City OK

LarpCraft of Oklahoma City OK, USA Tier I

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Hey Agios sorry for the long wait between post just been busy healing and physical therapy and I now have started back to work. I am looking foreword to meeting with you and the OKC group around March or the middle of. I have some boffer wepons made I have the mats to make my costume so thats ready I also have some stuff to make props for spell books . So before all the medical stuff happened I was about to start creating a bunch of stuff, I'll just pick up where I left off. Also
I know that the Norman medieval far is up and coming at the end of March 31, April 1,2 so I plan to go to that as well as the Castle of muskogee which last from April 29th -June 4th. Anyways thats all I got for now just let me know when we can try a practice would love to get that going.

Best wishes
So I am out of the hospital and recuping now not doing much just with in doctors orders. I had to have surgery to replace 4 vanes as my hart was not getting enough circulation. I have 6 weeks of recuperation to do and then I'll move on from there. I just wanted to keep you guys posted. Letting you know that I am ok and look forward to the next event. Agios thank you for keeping in touch means a lot.
Agios Unbitr Giveth praise for this remark!
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Agios Unbitr
That's great to hear. Keep resting up and we will hope to see you soon fit and ready for battle. Stay strong my friend.
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