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LarpCraft of St. Louis

LarpCraft of St. Louis, MO USA Tier II

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Hail and well met my fellow adventurers. I felt I must introduce myself through a scroll as I will not be able to attend todays battle. I do hope the messenger raven found you all well. My name is Nicholaius Darkhart and though I be new to this realm I am no novice of swordplay. I have belonged to other realms that use other combat styles. Most notably the kingdoms within the realm of Alliance as well as SCA Kingdom of 3 Mountains out of the land of Oregon in the Portland providence as a heavy fighter. I recently journeyed to this place and have been in search of a group of hearty adventurers who could utilize my skills and it appears as if I have found it. I do hope to meet thee on the field of battle in the near future.

Somewhere deep in your memory you know the ancient ways. This is why you find yourself drawn by a deep seeded urge. An urge so powerful you don't question it or fight it. You long for it!
hello... i'm new to this, do i need a gardian to sign a waver for practice? if you could help me please hmu!
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