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List of all social groups at LarpCraft.

Most Members

  1. LarpCraft Worldwide
    179 members, 5.3K views.
  2. Wisconsin Larpers
    164 members, 4.7K views.
  3. LarpCraft of Sheboygan
    155 members, 3.8K views.
  4. LarpCraft of Coffs Harbour
    38 members, 2.3K views.
  5. 2017 World Game
    28 members, 991 views.

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public LarpFit

Support group that provides incentives to get healthy and fit
Tips and tricks to improve roleplay your character
The community to discuss all things Heraldry of Myths & Legends
The community for all LarpCraft chapter in and around Wisconsin.
LarpCraft of Coffs Harbour, NSW Australia Tier II
The LarpCraft Futuristic Sci-Fi Larp System
If you like to either cook or eat your welcome here...
LarpCraft of Six Lakes, MI USA Tier II

public Tent Talk

The community about LARP tents
The community for all LarpCraft chapter in and around Missouri.
The group discussing how to craft Larp shields
The community group about historical metal armor!
The 2017 LarpCraft world game community.
Medieval structures made out of wood, stone or alike.
The place where we share upcoming courses, talk about designing new courses and get feedback.