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Global Lore Character

To fund a high-end global character that can travel from Host to Host connecting stories and lore for years to come.

  • 19 Contributions
  • $1,000.66 USD pledged of $1,000.00 USD goal
  • funded Jul 24, 2017 at 10:00 AM
  • One of the things we've talked about was creating lore characters. You'll see them pop up from time to time in the new Myrium section of the site but this campaign will allow us to fully equip a rocking lore character that can travel the world.

    We were going to give a full description as to what this thing was, but we decided against that. Know it will have high-quality props, perhaps armor, perhaps magic items but the fact is, this lore character will have a profile, a history and 100% unique garb, armor etc.

    This kit will likely feature a mask, hood, weapons, armor, pants, leather bags, belts, shirt, jacket, cloak, boot covers, etc. a full kit.

    Hosts can't make these major plot characters with full kits like this without a LOT of expense in most cases. Having lore characters that can be shipped from host to host allows us to connect more story and larpers in a unique way.

    If this first character is funded, we'll add more but we need to start someplace. This is that someplace. After this funds, Hosts will be asked to attend a special meeting so we can talk about what items this character needs.

    • You'll get a chest of in-game items relevant to your donation.
    • 2017 Lore Character Supporter Award
    • 2017 Donor Ribbon
    • Recognition in the forums
    • Donate over $50 and receive a special thank you video (optional)
    • Donate over $100 and receive above + a signed thank you certificate.
    • Donate over $200 and receive above + a custom engraved medal you can wear in game.
    Anything we don't use in this lore character will be added to the next lore character. Know that all fund are segregated in a specific donation account and under no circumstances do funds get used for general expenses. LarpCraft, Inc. has no employees and is run 100% by volunteers. If a campaign doesn't fund, we vote on what project the money gets added to, but funds ALWAYS stay in the campaign account.
    1. Frederich Ardon

      $55.00 USD

      Member Amount: Frederich Ardon, Jul 14, 2017
    2. Wulfric Hrolfsson

      $30.00 USD - Ehh, I got it spare! ENJOY!

      Member Amount: Wulfric Hrolfsson, Jul 14, 2017
    3. Wulfric Hrolfsson

      $20.00 USD - Because LarpCraft gives back to me, I give back to them! We are a community who makes stories and shares friendships and lives... I am glad to be apa

      Member Amount: Wulfric Hrolfsson, Jul 14, 2017
    4. LarpCraft

      $112.47 USD - Membership Funds Adjustment

      Member Amount: LarpCraft, Jul 14, 2017
    5. Maliostro Cavaldi

      $15.00 USD

      Member Amount: Maliostro Cavaldi, Jul 13, 2017
    6. LarpCraft

      $38.02 USD - Membership Adjustment

      Member Amount: LarpCraft, Jul 12, 2017
    7. Shaden Chaser

      $100.00 USD

      Member Amount: Shaden Chaser, Jul 10, 2017