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Winter Gaming?

Discussion in 'LarpCraft of Milwaukee, WI USA' started by Veradeth Hollowspeak, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. Veradeth Hollowspeak

    Veradeth Hollowspeak Paladin Myths & Legends

    i was wondering if people could help me out. i have only recently joined Larpcraft and have some basic garb, however i notice that some Norhaven Colonies do winter games. i look at my current wardrobe and think it is not quiet up to snuff for winter gaming.
    so i am looking for some suggestions for how to upgrade/ update my grab to make it so i can game in the winter.
    any suggestions and link would be helpful.

    also while we are at it,maybe some sugesstions on fancy/fest ware to keep in theme with medieval cloths but easy to make/ alter/ find in our modern age.
  2. Birna Fathmbjornsdottir

    Birna Fathmbjornsdottir Barbarian LarpCraft Sheboygan Elder Natus Gryphe Myths & Legends 2017 Waivers Elder Lifetime Award

    I'll be posting a quick and easy cloak tutorial later tonight. That can go a long way toward making colder temps tolerable.

    In terms of feast gear, I recommend scouring your local thrift store of choice for silverware, ours always goes walkabout and rarely comes home. You can often also find drinking vessels there that will work too. I recommend the dollar store for your plates and bowls as you won't be heartbroken if/when they break, as ours have, and they have some pretty reasonable looking stoneware until you are at a point where you *know* what you want your kit to look like.
    Tripps Sinful Giveth praise for this remark!
  3. Veradeth Hollowspeak

    Veradeth Hollowspeak Paladin Myths & Legends

    i should clarify, when i saw Feast ware im speaking from the Belegarth term.
    Feast ware is Garb that you won't ware on the battlefield becasue it is more formal or breakable. so what i am looking for is more medieval "formal ware" that would go with my character.
  4. Hamish de Nisbet

    Hamish de Nisbet Human Denizen LarpCraft Sheboygan Elder Natus Gryphe Transferred Character Myths & Legends

    So in the game that Birna, myself a few others come from feast wear or gear is what you eat with, and as we have Kings, Barons etc, out fancy garb is called court garb.

    As far as what it is and where to get it, a lot of it depends on your character, your back story etc. Things i would not be caught dead in on the battle field, maybe too fancy for a barbarian.

    A simple well made tunic would work well for the average person ( http://www.reconstructinghistory.com/articles/your-first-garb-the-tunic-of-saint-louis.html) and with using what' called square construction, it is pretty cost effective. You can dress it up with cloth trims(http://www.calontirtrim.com/) or even pieces oy more expensive fabric scrounged from remnant bins. or even using the " Stretching Stitches" on most machines as a decoration in a contrasting color of thread. I highly suggest using natural materials, Linen cotton, wool, silk) as they are much more comfortable, as tempting as a lot of the cool patterns you can find in Poly's and poly blends, are.

    Adapting thrift store finds, can be good fora lot of things( belts, purses, jewelry). You can some times find linen sheets, or other article of clothing you can make work (like lounge/pajama pants for Saxon trousers, leather vests, etc). But things off the rack often times still look... well off the rack. but sometimes, you can find a rare gem. Happy hunting. View attachment 1031 View attachment 1032
  5. Birna Fathmbjornsdottir

    Birna Fathmbjornsdottir Barbarian LarpCraft Sheboygan Elder Natus Gryphe Myths & Legends 2017 Waivers Elder Lifetime Award

    Well, I suppose that you could wear the things I mentioned for feastware, but from our context, you are talking about what we refer to as "court garb". In that case, Hamish really hit the nail on the head, it all depends on what your character is and their background. I see you are a human and a paladin. What sort of things do you see a human wearing? How does being a paladin modify that idea? Things that I wear are very inappropriate for Hamish based on our character ideas and vice versa. Once you have an idea of what that looks like, I would suggest looking for wools for cooler weather with a not-wool bottom layer to help with winter gaming. If you want help figuring out what a human paladin would wear, we can do that too, but you'll probably get a lot of different answers (I'm partial to stuff like you see in my profile picture for instance. ;).)

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