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Discussion in 'LarpCraft of Six Lakes, MI USA' started by Vardan Espino, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. Vardan Espino

    Vardan Espino Human Paladin Myths & Legends

    Hey folks. If anyone was interested, in our other LARP, Briar and I are forming up a unit of spearmen for 2015. The "Brothers in Arms" setting might be a more inclusive feel for any who might be intimidated by the thought of lone-wolfing a new system.
    The first event is May 1-3, and the campground is LITERALLY the back side of Michigan's Adventure. (Same "Country Block", next road over)

    For ease of reading, I will try to break up the info, but feel free to post any other questions you might have.
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  2. Vardan Espino

    Vardan Espino Human Paladin Myths & Legends

    Waypoint is a full immersion LARP, running from Friday night to Sunday midday. Once game on starts, players are in character throughout.
    Most events take place at Camp LorRay, on Russel Rd. Event fees are $30 at the door or $25 if you register online. (Remote events are free, but campgrounds require rental.)
    Food and drink are available in game, from our crooked, little tavern staff (:-p), but players are welcomed and encouraged to bring whatever they wish, as well. (I'm a fan of trail mix and Mountain Dew, lol)
    Players also need their own bedding. Stripped bunk beds and heated cabins are provided.
  3. Vardan Espino

    Vardan Espino Human Paladin Myths & Legends

    Waypoint is a full RP LARP, though still heavy combat. Last event saw the complete anihillation of the entire Merchant Camp, for example. There are endless options for build, as skills are learned "ala carte" rather than based on class or race selection. You build your toon based on your own inspiration, with plenty of combat or non combat avenues to explore and mix.
  4. Vardan Espino

    Vardan Espino Human Paladin Myths & Legends

    Waypoint combat is "point based", which is probably one of the biggest differences you may notice. Rather than hit-a-limb, lose-a-limb; character life is a number (based on their skill selection) and is reduced by numbers determined by the attacker's skill selection. There are no "respawns," but pc healers do there best to bring most PC's back from the other side. (Roughly 80% success rate, determined by a blind chip draw)
  5. Vardan Espino

    Vardan Espino Human Paladin Myths & Legends

    If there are any other questions, feel free to post them, so I don't end up answering them twice. Otherways, I will see y'all out at the White Stag
  6. Dreddlok Eadnokka

    Dreddlok Eadnokka Orc Ranger LarpCraft of Six Lakes, MI Host Myths & Legends

    Sounds like a blast I look forward to checkin it out, I will mark it down on me calender.
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