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Tournament And Games Information

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  1. Tournaments

    Below you will find descriptions of each of the tournaments we will hold during our Festival. As stated on the schedule in game quests and storylines will not be told here. If you are bringing a character that intends to use foresight please contact Serena Valentina on the Scrolls.

    Tournament of the Arts
    Have something you have created and want to show off? On Saturday this tourny will begin. Players will be asked to bring forth their creations to be subject to populous "bean count" votes alongside judging by the Crown. Players will receive three stones to cast their votes over the course of 2 days. At the end of the voting period stones will be counted to result in one of two winners. The Crown will then go over the quality of each submission, Murdoch being well versed in Armoring and Serena in all other arts. Winners will be announced during Court on Sunday.

    Royal Stag Hunt
    Teams of players, 3-5 lead by a single player, will chase down a volunteer wearing stag antlers. The leader will be allowed to carry a bow while those under their lead can carry 2 coreless weapons. The stag can only be brought down using an arrow or thrown weapon. The Hunt will run for two hours, during which the Stag will attempt to evade the hunters. At the end of the Hunt, either when a team escorts the stag to the Crown or after the 2 hours, marking the Stag as the winner of the Hunt. Be aware, hunters, that there may be more than a stag in the woods.

    Tree of Charlemagne
    A tournament of swords. To enter you must bring forth a Coat of Arms, manner of display manners little as long as it can be seen and recognized. Should up to 5 entrants fail to bring in their Arms the Arms of Norhaven and that of the Crowns will be available for players to fight on their behalf. Should there be less than 5 entrants seeking Arms an entrant may chose to accept the arms of one of the Crown to fight for. Seeding will be simple, the names of all the entries will be placed into a bowl and pulled randomly into a list for the first round. The first pulled name will receive the first choice of opponent, second should they not be chosen by the first receives the next choice, and so on until all entrants have an opponent.

    Each entrant will be allowed 2 losses. For the first three rounds seeding for opponent choices will be determined randomly by names pulled from bowl. Following the random seedings for choice the entrant with the most wins shall receive the opportunity to chose their next opponent first. Should there be a tie for the most wins order of seeding will be chosen again by names from a bowl. The tournament will continue as such until a winner is decided.

    Choosing the opponent will be done by placing all Coats of Arms in a line besides the field edge. Picking your opponent will be done by picking up their Arms and your own and giving them to the Master of Tournament. If your Arms are picked please follow your challenger to the MoT. Weapons allowed are swords of all types and a single shield of any size. All armor is counted and spells will be forbidden.

    Torchlight Tournament
    Should the Tree be finished quickly this will have it's own format. If not then torches will ring the field of the Tree and it shall continue in the light.

    Tournament of Magic
    All mages welcome, regardless of skill. Seeding will be done by names drawn from a bowl in a best 2 out of 3 round robin tournament. Entrant with the most wins overall shall take home the prize.

    Weapons allowed will be as many spells as the entrant can cast along with as many daggers as the entrant can carry.

    Tournament of Archery
    All archers welcome, regardless of skill. Targets will be placed down range. Entrants will receive one point for hitting the target and two for landing the arrow in the net. Entrants will be allowed to lose a dozen arrows. Only bows and arrows that meet the LarpCraft rules standards will be allowed into the tournament.

    Iron Boar Hunt
    Search out Boars around the camp in the form of armored combatants. Defeat them in their form of battle: Combat, Riddles, Puzzles, and so forth in order to win their token. Entrants will receive one attempt at besting each Boar, and can work in small groups if desired. The entrant or team that returns with the most amount of tokens wins the hunt.

    Warlord Tournament
    Warlord is a hybrid form of tournament. The first round is set up like a normal elimination tournament. The winner of each fight in the first round becomes the warlord for a two-man team of himself and the fighter he defeated. They will then fight another two-man team; the winner becomes the Warlord for a four-man team, which will fight another four-man team, etc.

    Eventually, there will be two large armies fighting a melee, with the leader of the winning team being the overall warlord winner.

    The two armies at the end will fight for the honor of either King Murdoch or his son, Prince Indir.

    The Warlord that leads the winning army will win the tournament.

    Hobby Horse Joust
    Currently the Crown is planning on holding the first joust within Myrium. So far the specific build specs for the Lance is under discussion, and there will be a strict rule of no unarmored entrants, and we heavily suggest a helmet that is properly fitted in case of unhorsing. We also suggest building multiple lances to the specs that will be provided shortly.

    The Hobby Horse should be constructed so it is ride-able by the jouster when pulled by a team of their choice. It does not necessarily have to be a horse, but it needs to resemble that which you build it to be. No dragons allowed due to lore conflicts. For ease of build please feel free to use barding with the jousters or their inspirations arms. Jousters must be able to wield a lance and a shield while remaining upon their steed in movement.

    Each entrant will joust three times against each opponent. Points will be awarded as the following:

    1pt - Hit on the Opponents Shield

    2pt - Knock the Shield from Opponent

    3pt- Broken Lance

    Overall winner will be the entrant with the most points. A tie will be resolved by a single bout.

    Below is a short description of the games hosted by Norhaven. As these are not tournaments but are more for fun no abilities or armor will be allowed.

    Can I Hit You?
    A game for two players at a time. Each player is blindfolded and given a sack of foam rocks or a pillow. They will be lead to a chest in the middle of a clearing. The rules are simple:

    1- First to remove their hand from the chest loses

    2- Players take turns asking their opponent permission to hit them

    3 - Opponent responds however they see fit

    4- Player who asked swings sack of foam rocks at opponent in an attempt to force the opponent to remove hand from chest

    Only when one player removes their hand from the chest can the players remove their blindfolds. Players can talk, duck, taunt, and do whatever they see fit to the other as long as their only contact is by hitting the opponent with the sack of rocks and everything they say and do remains under a PG-13 rating. Players cannot touch each other physically until after the bought is won.

    This game goes by many names (Jugger, Blood of Heroes, Medieval Football, ect) and is used across many systems. We will be using the basic rules as described by the link above if you click "Jugging". Characters will have plenty of time in game to build their teams and come up with a team name to report to the Master of Tournament.

    Helga Ball
    Imagine rugby, soccer, tag football and roller derby rolled into one, played by a group of ladies and one man with cabbages serving as the ball.

    You must wear closed toe shoes that you can run in. Steel toe boots are not allowed. Soft knee pads and elbow pads are suggested but not required. You can either wear a dress or pants with a baggy tunic, anything you don't mind getting dirty. You may not touch the cabbage with your hands so you will require a garment you can catch the cabbage and carry it with. Head scarves are allowed.

    Requirements are you must be at least 18 years of age and female.

    Men, you can participate as well! Each team is in need of a goalie!

    There are really few rules to Helga Ball, which means this game can get rough (hence the age limit). As above you must use your feet, head, bum, or garments to move the cabbage to the opponents goal. You, or your teammates, may attempt to seduce, bribe, threaten, or otherwise attempt to get the cabbage past the man into the goal without touching him. Winner is the team that scores the most points before the cabbage is utterly destroyed.

    There will be some sort of sheep or sheep like creature alongside two teams of 5 at a time.

    The goal is simple: Score points by kicking the Sheep into the goal and kill the entirety of the opponents team within an hour.

    What makes it difficult? All armor and abilities will be allowed for this game. If killed your spirit must return to your own goal where the light of Tey will resurrect you. Meaning you have to fight a ton in order to score any points.

    Closed toed shoes will be required for this game, teams can face off until a winning team is found.

    Games Table
    Within either the Court Hall or the Tavern there will be a table for table-top games such as Kubb, Chess, and other games as such. Please respect the game pieces if they are not your own and avoid breaking or losing anything. Rules will be written down and kept near the games. There will be players around that know how to play in case of confusion, you might need to track them down however, since not everyone will know how to play every game.

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