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The Colony Calender And Item Creation

Discussion in 'LarpCraft of Tea Tree Gully SA, AUS' started by Aldur Spiritbrook, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. Aldur Spiritbrook

    Aldur Spiritbrook Elf Cleric of Van Daemons Elder '17 Donor Myths & Legends Mythical | Legendary | Epic Member 2017 Waivers Elder Lifetime Member

    Just wondering when the Calender will be updated with the event at the end of this month? Is it still going ahead?
    I have got some ideas for my (eventual) Professions of Apothecary and Alchemist. I have some old lights that have been replaced that are a fake brass design. The metal is pitted in places so it has an "aged" look. I was thinking of removing the electric parts and using the frame bent in to holders for the said Apothecary and Alchemist potions. My metal work isn't great but should give a bit of an authentic look to it all.:) And it will be a while until I get the xp to get the Professions. With the way I earn xp time is DEFINITELY on my side to create it.:(

    Would this be something allowed at events? It would of course stay in town and be more of a prop to hold things in the 'store' or 'temple'. And depending on how much I can salvage I might have some left over for other uses. No promises on that though as it may all get used up making the framework (my metal work is very basic :confused:).
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