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Tea Tree Gully Roleplay Thread

Discussion in 'LarpCraft of Tea Tree Gully SA, AUS' started by LarpCraft of Tea Tree Gully, May 1, 2016.

  1. [This Thread will be used to help characters introduce themselves into the LARP Group, as well as provide a bit of fun during the time we are not swinging at each other!

    At times the roleplay will be changed - just before an event, just after an event, or some important situation happens. I will make a Post announcement for when it happens!

    The start of the Role Play will involve our final leg of the journey to our new settlement! - Good luck, and play nice!]
  2. Gavinia Winterstar

    Gavinia Winterstar Mystic - Tea Tree Gully Elder Myths & Legends 2017 Waivers Elder

    Having travelled for many days since they last had a warm bed and a decent meal, Gavinia was starting to have had enough with it, not to mention having to lug around all the seeds, grains and herbs she had managed gathered on their journey, which was starting to get heavy (this new land was full of delightful herbs that were hard to come buy back home). She was hoping they would find their new home soon, so was very glad to hear the cries of delight from the front of the group that they could see promising land ahead, having reached the crest of what felt like the longest climb up what should have been called a mountain, but kept being referred to as hills. She new there were not so many days left to travel, exactly how many could not be sure, but the end was in sight at last. Everyone was getting tired and the livestock were starting to struggle as they had not had a good day to feed in weeks.
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  3. Wulfric Hrolfsson

    Wulfric Hrolfsson LarpCraft of Tea Tree Gully Host - Human Barbarian LarpCraft Host '17 Donor Myths & Legends 2017 Waivers Elder

    Wulfric looked around at his fellow travelers and then down to the final stretch "Well, it looks like we've found our new home... though I doubt it will not be without it's hazards and challenges." he grinned to himself as much as anyone else.
    He strained his eyes to see as far as he could and took a long time surveying the land as far as he could see, "I might go scouting ahead, and around the location, please be safe while I'm not here... who knows what might be in this area, wild Orc tribes, Trolls, or even stranger creatures we've not met before... anything is possible here" he nodded, then took a quick count of his possessions and a small satchel of the dwindling provisions, and set off into the surrounding area...
  4. [Moving on from arriving as y'all took too long ] ;)

    The new settlers planted their tents and makeshift homes on the new site. It seemed like such a lovely area, pristine and green, birds chirping in the trees around them, small rivers and creeks running around, the ground would definitely be fertile here.

    Wulfric had not been seen for a few days since he had left the area, but many knew he would be fine.

    During the afternoon as a few of the settlers were practicing their arms and skills or professions, many had noticed a creature with rotten skin stumble into the clearing and began moving towards the settlers... It was made short work of...
    However, that was only the beginning of the troubles, not long afterwards... a second creature stumbled into the area, but he seemed more intelligent, he had a scroll, and he was looking at it and around as if he was looking for something. The group dealt with him, after a bit of a shock when he got back up after being killed and took the scroll, which lead the party to a nearby stream, and a natural bridge (which later could be upgraded) which had a small stash of materials and coin.

    Our Roleplaying story continues from here...
  5. Gavinia Winterstar

    Gavinia Winterstar Mystic - Tea Tree Gully Elder Myths & Legends 2017 Waivers Elder

    Gavinia was busy setting up temporary fencing for the livestock and marking out plot areas for small crop fields, so didn't notice the argument happening off to the side of the encampment. It was when she heard the shrieks of the on watchers as the argument started coming to blows she turned to see a dwarf and an elf fighting, over what she could not tell, for all she new it was just the usual argument of the 2 races general dislike of each other, but she went to investigate anyway, it would do no body any good to harbour those arguments here.
    "I told you I was here first you have to move" the Dwarven man shouted at the elf, who easily evaded the attack of the dwarf.
    "You seem to be mistaken, I recall myself putting the first pole down in this area. I claim it for myself, you must move."
    It became clear very quickly they were fighting over land and space to set their abodes on. Gavinia stepped in the try and diffuse the situation.
    "Ok, ok, gentlemen. That's enough. If this argument is not resolved peacefully you will be sharing a tent." Both men turned, about to let this intruder know what they thought of that idea, then stopped abruptly, a look of horror on their face. "Sorry Ma'am" they muttered.
    She had been hoping to let the townsfolk sort their abodes out on their own as she had enough to plan off her own to get this settlement self sustaining, but she knew she would have to step in. "Right! before any more tents are pitched I will be coming around and assessing everyone's location, as it appears some of you are not capable of making that decision on your own." she glared at the two men and set about her new task.
    Admittedly she was getting worried about the fact that Wulfric was not back yet. But not much she could do, she was not used the spirits of this land and could not yet ask for their help. So she just busied herself to keep her from thinking of it.

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