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  1. Diana Clearwater

    Diana Clearwater Commander of Van Daemon Transferred Character Myths & Legends

    Random economy question.

    How much do you think you make in an average LARPcraft game? Trying to figure out what a steady 'tax' would be that can then go towards the guard/town/generic quests. At the moment, I'm looking at five silver each game.
  2. Tripps Sinful

    Tripps Sinful Human Cleric ~Elder of LarpCraft Milwaukee~ Myths & Legends

    You should be giving out money at games... Your vault refills every time you get experience.
  3. DraZuul Barra

    DraZuul Barra Myths & Legends

    If I am not mistaken Ufnar Kargaroth does a Bank 'Tax' at 10% for those that want to keep their coin safe. However a colony tax would be an interesting concept. We have two members in our group that are claiming themselves Town Guard and are talking of imposing a Safety Tax on the residence, but this isn't a colony thing.
  4. Aethelwulf Thorson

    Aethelwulf Thorson Myths & Legends

    The only Tax I shall pay is with the teeth of your children after we burn the town and "recruit" the townsfolk.
    Teryg Tais Giveth praise for this remark!
  5. Teryg Tais

    Teryg Tais Fairy Mage Myths & Legends

    is children's teeth an accepted currency ? i think im out of them
    (as for the tax this was discussed with us elders and we enjoyed the idea it only applies to those that seek the safety of the town and goes towards the town guards being able to hire people to to aid them its not really a colony based tax as its being performed by players who have taken up the roles of the town guard and goes towards payment for them as they give up their time for quests by patrolling the town and keeping it safe. As for it being 5 silver hmm its up to you to try but i would not be surprised if you see some rebellion at that as the amount of coin most players make varies greatly depending on how much effort they put into the event eg: those that usually just hang around in town do not make as much as those going out and grinding elements or crafting items to sell in town maybe start with something a little lower for people in the town and then add extras to it eg: if they decide to start selling things it would create a market area that would need guards to pay more attention as we have seen that thieves seem to be running rampant in the streets of van daemon , in the end what ever you decide to impose upon the other players as a tax you will have to prove it is worth them paying it and not just leaving the town to set up else where, but i am curious to see how this pans out for you )
  6. Diana Clearwater

    Diana Clearwater Commander of Van Daemon Transferred Character Myths & Legends

    Full disclaimer: I don't know orc-**** about how the behind-the-scenes stuff runs, such as vault-refilling and the like. That's Elder business and looks suspiciously like responsibility!
    Jokes aside, I don't really want cash in my pocket and I have more fun putting it towards game stuff. The **** is Diana going to do with a pile of gold, anyway? Give her armor some black trim? Paying newbies to do simple fetch quests and the like, or just mundane tasks that get them involved in the game really helps keep things interesting and makes the game more fun. A tax just means more income to do those kinds of things.

    But I know less about how economics works than a federal politician. So I figured I'd bluntly ask about it!
  7. Diana Clearwater

    Diana Clearwater Commander of Van Daemon Transferred Character Myths & Legends


    you may now refer to my character as a 'medieval tony abbott'
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