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Shadows Across The Freehold - Anderson, Mo

Discussion in 'Past Missouri Larp Events' started by Ufnar Kargaroth, Aug 5, 2015.

  1. Ufnar Kargaroth

    Ufnar Kargaroth Orc Warrior/Hunter Transferred Character Myths & Legends

    Wayland is missing from the Freehold and Baylore has gone in search of him. Sebastian is throwing a party to celebrate his success in clearing the creek of bandits. Invitations have been sent to every corner of Duinfell. Shadows grow darker across the Freehold.

    ***Out of Game Info***

    Full Weekend Event
    August 7th - 9th

    Location: 2489 Allison RD, Anderson MO

    This is a collaborative regional event held by both Averen and Meadowmere in conjunction with many former players of Tirindale.

    Registration starts at 6 pm on Friday, to be followed by a Player Meeting before "Game On" is called. If you miss registration, you can sign in at the tavern.

    Entry Fees

    $15 - Non-Member
    $10 - Epic/Legendary
    $10 - Staff

    This is a lower-medium immersion event. Costumes are required. Period camp gear preferred if camping in-game, but modern tents will not be turned away.

    There will be a portajohn on site near the main village.

    Be sure and bring your own food and toiletry supplies. We ask that if you bring soda, you limit it to bottles only to prevent another invasion from bees. Water will be available at the main village for in-game coin, but you are encouraged to bring your own as well. A Missouri Summer is nothing to scoff at.

    All profession materials props will be supplied by the staff running the event. Players are not to supply their own.
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  2. Ufnar Kargaroth

    Ufnar Kargaroth Orc Warrior/Hunter Transferred Character Myths & Legends

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