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Paladin Code Ideas

Discussion in 'LarpCraft of Six Lakes, MI USA' started by Vardan Espino, Dec 4, 2014.

  1. Vardan Espino

    Vardan Espino Human Paladin Myths & Legends

    First time writing a knightly code. Here is what I am thinking, though. The tenets are written in red, with a brief explanation following each. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts, good or bad. I am quite receptive to feedback, though obviously, I have final say on my own character's code.

    Does this sound like a champion of the land?

    "Live a life of Duty and Honor
    But be ever wary of Pride"

    ---- Your calling is one service. The purity of your actions readies you to serve those in need. It does not place you above them. ---

    "Respect Law and Justice
    But suffer not, Tyranny"

    --- Even the noblest of systems will have its faults. An imperfect society driven by justice brings peace. A vigilante brings only anarchy. Support the workings of honest law wherever it is found.
    Be wary of those who would exploit the law for personal gain. Law which protects only those who create it is tyranny, and will tarnish the efforts of honest law everywhere. ---

    "Empower brother and sister to stand
    But shield them against superior forces"

    --- A victim who is not educated will become a victim again. Guide others and teach them how to stand for themselves against the enemies and challenges in their life. Do not lack compassion in this charge, though. Know a people's limits and be ready to intervene against odds that they cannot overcome. ---

    "Comfort the victim
    But tarry not while pursuing the culprit"

    --- Give aid to those in need. When danger still remains, however, your first calling is to defend. Do not let the tending of one victim enable the creation of another. ---

    "Strike quickly and cleanly in battle
    But honor an enemy's surrender"

    --- Your steel is unleashed to end a threat. If an enemy demands its use, end the threat quickly. Your steel is not a tool to create suffering, but to end it.
    If an enemy yields, the threat is ended. Give them to the law and strengthen its influence in the land. ---

    "Bloodshed is absolute final recourse
    But the option remains eternal"

    --- In all matters, seek first a resolution of peace. Always know, however, that if your calling is pure, your steel will guide you, and it's use is just. ---
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  2. Dreddlok Eadnokka

    Dreddlok Eadnokka Orc Ranger LarpCraft of Six Lakes, MI Host Myths & Legends

    Nice, it encompasses the virtues of a paladin pretty good i think
  3. Vardan Espino

    Vardan Espino Human Paladin Myths & Legends

    With such a new colony, I wanted to avoid using any "established" entities like deities. Local lore is still coming together, and I don't want to drop a piece that prevents the setting from developing.

    The code is meant to keep him in service to a higher calling without puting a straight jacket on future plots.
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  4. Ralik Ravenwolf

    Ralik Ravenwolf Human warrior Akuma Forest Host Natus Gryphe LarpCraft Host Transferred Character Myths & Legends 2017 Waivers Elder

    Just to help look into de Charney's virtues of chivalry which are what were used in the Middle Ages
  5. Gorg Child-Bearer

    Gorg Child-Bearer Orc Barbarian Midland Colony Elder Blood Moon Tribe Myths & Legends

    The only thing with this is that paladins in our system do not only have to worship good gods or one specific god. They can worship any god, therefore the code would be different for each god. I'm not saying to throw this away, I like it, I'd just attach it to one specific god or order of knights.
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