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New To Larp How Do I Get Started??

Discussion in 'LarpCraft of Tea Tree Gully SA, AUS' started by Loukas Yuwstuws, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. Loukas Yuwstuws

    Loukas Yuwstuws Myths & Legends

    I'm looking to join a larp community but have no idea how to go about it please help. :)
  2. Shaddie Arbel

    Shaddie Arbel Mage Moonlit Pack Myths & Legends Blogger

    Well you've got an account here so I for one count you as a member of the community so,
    Greetings and Welcome.

    Are you looking for a nearby group to larp with? If so I believe there is an area with links to the locations of all the larp colonies.
  3. Loukas Yuwstuws

    Loukas Yuwstuws Myths & Legends

    Thanks :)
    Yeh I am in the Brisbane area. trying to find contact info for the battlegrounds held at 483 Wynnum North Rd, Wynnum QLD 4178 every Saturday
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  4. DraZuul Barra

    DraZuul Barra Myths & Legends

    Greetings and welcome. I unfortunately cannot help you there, however if you ever find yourself in Adelaide one day come join us :D
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