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Meadowmere Roleplay Thread

Discussion in 'LarpCraft of St. Louis, MO USA' started by Book, Jun 18, 2015.

  1. Maera Fletcher

    Maera Fletcher Druid Myths & Legends Wild Corps

    on the edge of town, in a small grove of trees, under a bush, lies a small creature, mostly humanoid in appearance with the exception of a pair of very feline ears and a fluffy tail, she rolls over onto her stomach and stretches out flicking her tail into the air. As she yawns her mouth opens revealing finely pointed teeth.
    "hmm.... its going to be cold today.."
    she wrinkles her nose in slight disgust at the weather and sits up gathering her things together, "might as well go into town and see what this group of people are like," she winces, "hopefully not like the last ones"
  2. Eddrym Dree

    Eddrym Dree Myths & Legends

    *Stumbles across the road into the town of Meadowmere, with a heavy linen sack in hand and giant pack on his back that he has been living out of for what has seemed like months. He catches a whiff of something delicious on the cool air and heads towards the tavern; fishing in his pocket for coin, only to find dirt and a few clear crystal shards he had found on the road. As he debates on if he should try and barter with the inn keeper; his linen sack tares open, depositing the large stones into a pile in the middle of the road. He sighs heavily with a distinct hint of agitation, and shuffles the stones to the side of the road while releasing the straps that held his pack in place. He set the pack near the trough and begins to dig inside; pulling out a small metal cup, he fills it with the water in the trough and takes a drink while still digging with the other hand.*
  3. Artenen Aeolus

    Artenen Aeolus Paladin | Captain of the Magna Navis Lore Master LarpCraft Host '17 Donor Myths & Legends 2017 Waivers Blogger Elder Host Vault House of the Iron Ring Lifetime Award Mapped

    (ooc) Ok folks, I moved your threads to the out of game roleplay area for Springfield. This is the out of game roleplay area and things here are not to be used in game. If you want your stories to be used in game, post your adventures one at a time here - Duinfell as they are worth up to 250XP (up to 250 words once per day).
  4. Wiktor Kostka

    Wiktor Kostka Retired Warrior Myths & Legends 2017 Waivers

    Part 1: Ello, Could Anyvon Elp Me.

    My name is Veektor Kostka. I ave returned from more dan score end alf ears ov travels. I ave found my parents "Vasile Kostka" end "Elena Kostka" long in dare graves, for more da a score ears now. My hoom is nut mooch more dan a ruin. I em nut sure if family land ev bean taken by squatters, sold, returned to locale regent, or joost fallen through cracks of pooblic records.
    Vhat I em needinks elp vith is. End if anyvon knows vhat happeninks vith bruther "Gheorghe Kostka".If anyvon knowink vhat vas happenink vith too parents end how day coom to dead. To who should I be talkinks vith about ownik of land.

    I vill do all I keen to protect hoom and moost closest small lands vith vhatever needs da doink,
  5. Wiktor Kostka

    Wiktor Kostka Retired Warrior Myths & Legends 2017 Waivers

    Part 2: Decoration Ov Intent.

    Beink as I ave traveled to de small willages end amlets around de area ov me family lands, declarink my desires end intentions find out de happenink of family and land. I do record end do all dat is to ov makeink legal,... I now post dis Decoration in all pooblic places in area, to be common knewledge.

    I vill place fenve end markers of area around hoom ov vonce I live, and vere parents are buried, around small plot ov land, ov no more dan four hecters. Dis beink just small part ov vhat family owned befor me goink avay, but area larger enoof to provide for me self.

    I vill make repairs to families hoom, ov vhitch I vill live

    I vill defend vith all me powers until loss ov blood end boone against all dat brink harm to hoom end surroundink lands. Unto vhitch day von as von vith proof ov authority does coom and vith proof dat to do so breaks laws ov land and rulink boody.

  6. Wiktor Kostka

    Wiktor Kostka Retired Warrior Myths & Legends 2017 Waivers

    Part 3: Vhere Is Tavern

    Family goon, no von seemink to know or care vhat vas happenink to my bruther. Does nut seem to beink any von dat has claim to vhat is left ov hoom or land.

    I guess I vill become old man in voods, end make vhat hoom I can out of vhat is left. Boot first I moost seeink bottom ov wodka boottle.

    If I can joost find Tavern...
  7. Wiktor Kostka

    Wiktor Kostka Retired Warrior Myths & Legends 2017 Waivers

    Part 4: I em to old for dis.

    After left caravan in vay hoom, dare vas no von dat vas selling horse, so I gut pack poney and valked de remainink vay hoom. It took me 7 days march vith dat pony. I soon learned dat pony had bad feet end valk wary slow and had to rest ooften. I em nut von who vould push animal beyond it's ablity if at all possible. So I carried part of pony's load.

    I leeft pony on land dat I vill try yo make my hoom again. So now I march alone. I go from place to place end no von seemink to know anytink aboot vhat happened to, or even who vas my family. I ave bean goon for 36 ears, boot I had no idea dat my family could joost disappear end be forgoton in sooch a tim.

    Now I march to find tavern. I ave march to many miles in my life. I em nut de young infantry man any more. hope good tavern in next town. I vant bottle ov wodka end bed for de night. To old for de sleepink on hard ground end rocks any more. Maybe find place to buy horse.

    Maybe tomorrow on vay hoom I vill stoop by M'Lady Rhenyth Arydunseyr. She vas wary vellcomink. I should buy her good bottle ov vine to say "thank You" for meal.

    I can see town in distance. I em to old for dis march any more, I hope dis town of Meedowmere, Has horse for buyink,.. End bed for night,.. end hot bath,... maybe thick stew ( so tired ov did iron rations ),... end wodka,.. moost nut forget vine for M'Lady Rhenyth,.... I em to old for dis....

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