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Magic Portals Activate Gladdy Steps Out

Discussion in 'LarpCraft of Tea Tree Gully SA, AUS' started by Gladdy Williams, Nov 6, 2015.

  1. Gladdy Williams

    Gladdy Williams Human Paladin Myths & Legends

    Hey brothers from the East

    Ill be traveling to Brisbane on 21/1/16 leaving a week later, are any of our Queensland colonies holding events during this time and would like the company of a Paladin.
  2. Thal'Khazar Deathweaver

    Thal'Khazar Deathweaver Necromantic Lord of the Undead... The Legion of Shadows Myths & Legends 2017 Waivers

    This 'Paladin' is... pretty special. He has been apart of things you would never imagine... or... you might imagine, but be surprised with.

Village Crier