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Lorland Not In This?

Discussion in 'LarpCraft of St. Louis, MO USA' started by Grimnock Neck Snapper, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. Grimnock Neck Snapper

    Grimnock Neck Snapper Orc Barbarian Myths & Legends

    Wasnt sure why the LorLand Colony, which is still very active, isnt in this Region.
  2. Ufnar Kargaroth

    Ufnar Kargaroth Orc Warrior/Hunter Transferred Character Myths & Legends

    I pooled the colonies that were about 3 +/- hours from St. Louis, it had nothing to do with how active we are. Artenen said that should probably be my cut off, as if we extend the region too far people wouldn't actually be able to attend each other's games. He told me to keep it about the size of Norhaven.

    How far is Lorland from St. Louis?
    Skud Alehammer Giveth praise for this remark!
  3. Skud Alehammer

    Skud Alehammer Transferred Character Myths & Legends

    Yeah that would be pretty massive of a region if it included IN colonies.

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