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Larpcraft Balance

Discussion in 'Myths & Legends 2017 Rulebook' started by Artenen Aeolus, Apr 1, 2018.

  1. Artenen Aeolus

    Artenen Aeolus Paladin | Captain of the Magna Navis Lore Master LarpCraft Host '17 Donor Myths & Legends Mythical | Legendary | Epic Member 2017 Waivers Blogger Elder Host Vault House of the Iron Ring Lifetime Award Mapped

    I saw Mitri Soolet today in Walmart and a topic of discussion came up that LarpCraft feels like SCA. That comment has me brewing a bunch of ideas and reflections on what LarpCraft is.

    We want to have a good balance of Melee and Magic, fantasy and function. While there is no such thing as a perfect Larp system, there are systems that are more playable and those that are not.

    It bothers me when a larp system tries to compensate physical abilities for buffs. Folks who are physically strong in the real world should have that as an attribute in the larp world. When you try and compensate the physically weak you end up taking away from the physically strong.

    Larps do this, we've done that (Myths 2.5 anyone?). We've learned you can't give to the week without first taking from the strong. The strong fighters should be good at fighting. It sounds good on paper, but larps actually break the physical parts down...they do this... a lot. They design larps to compensate for a players physical weakness not realizing they're taking away any real benefit to those who can fight well. If folks aren't showing up to a seasoned larp in real armor, there's a reason.

    Now this goes the other way too... in combat games, many systems are so focused on fighting that there isn't much for non-fighting, support or professions in the game. Many people will tire of fight fight fight all the time. A game like that loses its luster.

    If you look at what we have here in our game system, it's taken many years of revisions, many late night writing sessions and many fallouts between people and friends to come up with what we already have. It has taken a great toll on many of us and it has been a roller coaster few have the stomach to weather.

    We don't focus on things we do right enough. LarpCraft is a very good attempt at a balanced game set. Those who fight well can take pride on the battlefield. Our game tries to keep HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) in tact as much as safely possible. This helps keep the battles as real-feeling as we can make them.

    People think we're too much like the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronisms) but if you look at their combat and rules, we're nothing like the SCA. In fact, I think LarpCraft combat uses more historical combat than the SCA full contact (because safety with a wooden stick) minus the head shots. I want to make it 100% clear, we are not the SCA. Yes, we have a lot of SCA players, yes, they fight and work well together on the battlefield, no they don't run LarpCraft. If we required helms and armor on the field, we could run nearly 100% HEMA combat. That would be pretty awesome, though it's not really realistic to think we can do that.

    We have magic and fantasy elements. At times we had too much. Early on we didn't have enough. Magic and non-physical game items easily can break a system the fastest. A lot of this comes down to greed of the game writers (ya, I'll say it). Trying to be 100% neutral is usually impossible because folks usually don't make a game system until that've already been making characters and such. Making a system 2nd is a horrible idea.

    I for one will always question the system I'm playing. We always want a way to make things better and that doesn't mean giving it more stuff (despite what some may think). It really means making it more suitable for more players to enjoy. At the end of the day, it's not about how many skills you have or points you've earned, it's about the fun you had, the friends you've made and the personal growth you've incurred while building characters in a game.

    Going forward, the system, videos and writings need to express the facts that melee is powerful, magic is powerful, professions are powerful. Everything breaks or weakens, the "winners" are those who leave the game wanting to come back for more. Wanting to keep building their characters, sharing their stories, connecting with people and bringing the game to life.

    The next round of revisions I've been hinting at for a long time are more about playability and common sense, ease of adding skills to your character and those types of things. If you look at our rule set... while some of the wording is mixed-matched, the overall blend is very good. The effort people put into make thing is well thought out. The years of tuning are apparent when you have 50 people on the ground at the same time. It has to be simple enough to jump into yet complex enough to build characters and stories with. I would like to thank every single one of you who've been part of the LarpCraft journey. So many people have made this game one of the best out there. How do we know, because people copy it for their own systems (sometimes word for word).

    We want those with brawn to be valued
    We want those with tact to be valued
    We're not just about combat, heck... many characters are 100% non-fighting characters! That's awesome to see.

    Live the adventure!
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  2. King Murdoch McArthur

    King Murdoch McArthur LarpCraft of Milwaukee Host, chevalier paladin Lore Master Natus Gryphe LarpCraft Host Transferred Character Myths & Legends 2017 Waivers Elder Epic Profile Lifetime Award

    Ths similarity to the sca... is mildly passing at best. There are sword and armor and costumes there the similarity more or less ends.
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  3. Serena Valentina

    Serena Valentina Sorceress (mage) Lore Master Natus Gryphe Myths & Legends Mythical | Legendary | Epic Member 2017 Waivers Blogger Elder

    I would also love to point out that we have a WAAAYYYY higher costuming standard than the SCA does. Go to the big SCA events, jeans and tennies are a very common sight. LARPcraft world event, I think I saw SOME tennies and jeans only when we weren't really in play, or from folks being OOG coming back or going to a town run. Even very little obviously modern flashlights and whatnot. And that's against the SCA which is SUPPOSED to be the high end historical group. We're better at it!
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  4. Wiktor Kostka

    Wiktor Kostka Retired Warrior Myths & Legends 2017 Waivers Epic Profile

    I know I have not participated really in Larpcraft, and I still do SCA. Comparisons and either group presented as better than serves nobody.
    If this even sounded like SCA there would be no reason to get involved (even as little as I am)
    As far as let real world strengths and skill trump game bonuses, I think that should always be a goal what ever the focus is. The more real a fantasy is where it can be seems it would help everyone get into the game of it.
    As far as real world fighting skill and playability, (in my admitted ignorance) I would think the balance would be trying to keep the focus on roleplay and problem solving, and try to keep fighting as a last resort (as it always would be if injury and death were a real risk). More concentration and reward for solving a challenge without fighting.
    Outside of any game, anyone that willingly puts themselves into harms way does whatever they can to avoid violence. In my mind a well role-played
    warrior would be the same.
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  5. Wiktor Kostka

    Wiktor Kostka Retired Warrior Myths & Legends 2017 Waivers Epic Profile

    I think that anyone that can solve a challenge with pure roleplay and not use a character skill set, whatever they are,should get reward for it. That does not take away from anyone's natural, or game skills, everyone can roleplay.
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