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Larpcraft 2018 And Beyond

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Artenen Aeolus, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. Artenen Aeolus

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    LarpCraft has seen a lot of changes the last few months. Overall, I'm handing over the reigns for game system control to the councils and no longer personally funding LarpCraft Game Systems.

    Memberships for 2018 will be the decision of the chapters via the monthly elder meetings and those that have the most vested interest in the site (the paid members). The goal is to keep LarpCraft sustainable and make it a non-profit with 501-c3 tax exempt status.

    It is highly likely that for 2018 membership costs will be evening out to something like "basic" and "premium" along with lower costs for each now that the system can maintain membership numbers without a volunteer running things. We'll be talking about this in the upcoming host meetings for final vote sometime in Oct. when the 2018 memberships begin to surface. It's also highly likely that memberships will run an entire 12 months from date of purchase now that the system can track this and send auto renewals etc.

    You may see the basic profile creation membership drop if we can budget as the hosts. The ideal range was $2 to $5 per profile per year to keep the site functioning.

    This fee also helps us fund better raffle prizes from our supporters. We plan on doing polls for what the prizes should be based on a budget and then whatever is voted on for the prize becomes the prize for the following month.

    Because of the memberships we've been able to develop a lot of tools for chapters which are free to use. No other game tracking site offers a chapter their own community with URL, full forum control, ability to load pictures and video link, document uploads, forum sales and pre registration, resource sales and invoicing dashboard, control over their own points system (chest) AND the ability to make other game systems that a chapter may want to host on this site. Chapters also can take part of the membership sharing where their membership link allows the chapter to keep a part of each membership. This helps fund the chapter locally. If everyone has a small fee, we may also make starting a chapter free after a online meeting with the host council.

    Together LarpCraft is shaping up to be something pretty cool! Thanks to all who've helped make this dream a reality.
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