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How To Make A Silverware Set

Discussion in 'Blacksmithing' started by Artenen Aeolus, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. Artenen Aeolus

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    Here's some guides on making silverware. This is most underbought thing at games... everyone needs em... nobody thinks of it till the last minute.

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  2. Maliostro Cavaldi

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    Heck yeah, I'm a big fan of Chandler Dickinson. He has a great channel.

    And unfortunately, this drives home why those hand forged cutlery sets are expensive. That's a lot of hard work pounding that stuff out.

    Other things to consider when going all medieval on your cutlery, is what we consider common flatware didn't really come along until the late middle ages. It was pretty common that the knife you ate with was also the knife you carried on your hip or in your boot. Spoons were often wooden or carved from horn. And awls were more common than forks for a long time. If you were poor, your most common utensils were your fingers and maybe a piece of bread.

    I still don't have a nice set of hand forged rustic cutlery for myself, however, there are some nice merchants that sell good cutlery at reasonable prices I'd like to pass along.

    Primitive Camping Cutlery- Bone & Horn Handled Cutlery- Hand Forged Iron Striker Knife & Forks
    Crazy Crow Trading Post offers lots of products for colonial and western reenactment, and a lot of their products are great for camping and larping.

    Utensils - Food & Drink
    Townsends has been offering goods for the colonial reenactment hobby for a long time, and they offer authentic products.

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