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How To Avoid Being Eaten By Dragons

Discussion in 'Myrium Stories' started by Artenen Aeolus, Apr 30, 2018.

  1. Artenen Aeolus

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    During the age of the dragons, all types of beings were being eaten by dragons. It wasn't until some witnessed a dragon being killed while trying to eat a moose whole. A mooses antlers are too wide to fit down the throat of most dragons and they end up choking on the moose.

    It is said early settlers who were under attack made helms with mini moose antlers on them to fend off dragons and it has been said to work.


    If you want to pretend that a car is a dragon in the event a car coming into a game (not by choice) scream dragon and then put your hands on your head like antlers to ward off being eaten. When other players ask what the heck you're doing, refer back to this post and the stories below.


    Write your best dragon antler story of your ancestors. I will award you in XP and gold if your tale is good enough.
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