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Guidelines For Starting Armies

Discussion in 'How to start a Kingdom Homeland or army guides' started by Artenen Aeolus, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. Artenen Aeolus

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    Armies are larger than most other types of groups in the games. It is not typical that an army just forms with a few people. Most armies are over 20 characters, many are over 50 characters strong. It is unusual for a group to form an army right off the bat in LarpCraft. Most groups will become an army after something in the story "activated" them in some fashion.

    Armies are usually formed between multiple groups working toward a common goal. Many armies are dispersed after the goal or the threat is gone. Other times, an army wants to band together and make something greater such as a Kingdom or Homeland. That's really up to those in the army.

    Armies can break games so we're always asking the leaders of armies to contact hosts before coming to a game. Being this is the first year of LarpCraft sanctioning armies, we're looking for player feedback so that these types of groups can control an area but not make the game feel dull.

    Some jump to the conclusion that armies will come into a town and kill everyone. If armies are to take over a place, it's in their best interest to keep characters alive most of the time, take them prisoner or banish them from the lands. To use slave labor in order to mend armor and such is cheaper and keeps the army strong.

    Players, you have to make this about the roleplay. Towns will get taken over, camps raided. This game is about the story and as such, emotions should be of you character, not of you as a player. Like anything, a group that has high goals for dominance will generally be met with resistance and enemies but that's the interaction that makes it fun, as long as you keep it in character and don't let it bleed into you as a player.

    We'll be posting a lot more on this type of thing as player driven things need more training in order to play out properly. I ask that you talk about these things as your group and anyone can respond here with questions or comments.
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