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General Information About The Site

Discussion in 'LarpCraft of Sheboygan, WI USA' started by Serena Valentina, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. Serena Valentina

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    Site Location

    World Event 2017 will be held at Camp Sinawa in the town of Valders, Wisconsin.

    9113 Camp Siwana Rd, Valders, WI 54245


    Please be advised that there is major road construction occurring on I-43 if you are arriving by that route. You can still take the Hwy C exit from I-43 North and South and now you can merge onto I-43 south from Hwy C. Please be aware that GPS will try to take you on the back roads, we do not suggest doing so if you are already on I-43. Stay on until you see the Hwy C exit, go West (Opposite the Mobile Gas Station) and follow until Junction with Hwy J, you will see a Camp Sinawa Sign.

    Camp Sinawa is located on the back roads of Manitowoc County. The east side of the site features miles of hiking trails and camp sites while the west side features cabins and a large lodge for gatherings.

    Being in the country means that there are many forms of wildlife on site. Please let the animals be and they will let you be as well. We advise not allowing small children into the woods alone at sunrise and sunset for there are wolves around site if not on site as well. Generally we advise to keep small children from wandering off alone as well so they do not find themselves lost. If you find an animal that has been injured or is in need of human aide, please seek one of the hosts for assistance.

    There are many group campsites available for use. We request that all tents appear medieval or have a canvas or cloth covering. Coverings do include privacy walls which make modern tents more difficult to see for the sake of immersion.

    There are cabins and the Wolves Blood Inn available as well for an additional fee out of game or in game respectfully.

    Players will be allowed on site Thursday, August 31st, to set up encampments. Help will be at hand to transport tents and supplies to camps further up the trails.

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