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Eye Makeup Tutorial #1

Discussion in 'Eye Makeup' started by Ramona Paerl, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. Ramona Paerl

    Ramona Paerl Myths & Legends 2017 Waivers

    Good Day . this will be a tiny easy tutorial on how i did the makeup on the following picture ~ and my first ever blog....
    1.put a white primer/eye-shadow base on your eyes ( i forgot to put it under my eyes so that area ain't as pigmented , I also did put it on my eye brows)
    I used NYX eye-shadow base in white .
    2. put light blue above your cut crease and and then pull it together at the edge and under your eye ( lighter than i have in the picture tho )
    and also in the lower corner of your eye.
    3. add yellow to the middle of the eyelid and under your eye , and the corner of your eye .
    add cooper in the middle and a golden (glittery) eyeshadow on the corner part
    4.add darker blue in the blank areas annnnnd blend it all together , go over with the other colors to fix the pigment and add the more of the colors you need
    i added black into the outer corner of my eyes after blending the dark blue
    5. add black eyeliner on your water line and tight line. add eyeliner the way you prefer and mascara on the upper and lower lashes , add fake lashes if you wish .
    6. add light powder around your eyes and then foundation ( can also put foundation at the beginning )
    I personally added babypowder instead of highlighter , and used brown and blue colors to contour. and filled my eyebrows in with light blue,green and dark blue eyeshadow a297de647eae0b2ef43ea9b6d405d944.jpeg a297de647eae0b2ef43ea9b6d405d944.jpeg a297de647eae0b2ef43ea9b6d405d944.jpeg
    I used midnight truffles liquid lipstick from beauty bar (the black)at the edges and then severo by lasplash for the rest of my lips then took minx and bump eyeshadow from UD full spectrum pallet , put minx (the dark blue) at the edges to give it more fade than hard edges , and then bump ( white ) and put in the middle and blended it out

    I used a gold/brown/copper color pallet from morphe and full spectrum from UD
    from the UD pallet I used calavera (yellow),goldmine(gold glitter),blindsided (blue),minx (dark blue),bump (white)
    for my eyebrows i used blindsided (blue) hatter (green) and minx (dark blue)
    there are no names on the morphe pallet

    a297de647eae0b2ef43ea9b6d405d944.jpeg a297de647eae0b2ef43ea9b6d405d944.jpeg a297de647eae0b2ef43ea9b6d405d944.jpeg
    - next time ill use more blue and less copper with this wig -
    -this look was inspired by me trying to figure out a makeup look for a sirens -:confused:

    Hope you enjoy this , :oops:

    makeup tutorial no.1
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  2. Artenen Aeolus

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    Nice job on making this!
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