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Events In Wi

Discussion in 'LarpCraft of Sheboygan, WI USA' started by Giovani Guida, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. Giovani Guida

    Giovani Guida Human Cleric Myths & Legends

    I am told time and again there are weekly happening in wi. I am getting that for som,e bizarre reason hosts refuse to post them on the events calendar and I was told i needed to hunt down each individual Facebook. So I started doing that And I am stil unable to find the practice sessions and what not. Any advice?
  2. Graycor Gallowmist

    Graycor Gallowmist Human Ranger Myths & Legends Lifetime Award

    Midland Colony has an event October 1st, I believe you have joined our Facebook page so you should see our event info and posts. We also have practice almost every Thursday from 4:45-7:30pm but we are a ways away from you.
  3. Giovani Guida

    Giovani Guida Human Cleric Myths & Legends

    yes that i saw the event the thing is where do new people find the practice posted so that can get to know players and what not
  4. Giovani Guida

    Giovani Guida Human Cleric Myths & Legends

    because that event was not posted on the calaneder on this site we now have a conflict with multiple events on the same weekend...
  5. Graycor Gallowmist

    Graycor Gallowmist Human Ranger Myths & Legends Lifetime Award

    Ah not true, that is not the reason. The events are over 9 hours away and perfectly acceptable to run on the same day. They ran on the same weekends last year too! The Norhaven leadership teams and other Wisconsin LARP groups in other systems have known about our events since the end of last year. ;) So with the last part of your post above, it is simply not true that it was what created the conflict!
  6. Artenen Aeolus

    Artenen Aeolus Paladin | Captain of the Magna Navis Lore Master LarpCraft Host '17 Donor Myths & Legends 2017 Waivers Blogger Elder Host Vault House of the Iron Ring Lifetime Award Mapped

    Giovani Guida I tried explaining this a bit last weekend. You came back into LarpCraft as we were merging the site back to one place and the new tools, some hosts don't use yet.

    Going forward, we will have hosts using calendars and we're trying to figure out a way where information can live in one place but be shared on all the different social media sites. Some hosts just use what they know, others don't. Again, we're formalizing the final host training in the university right now so by Spring of 2017, all hosts will be following the same protocol. This doesn't happen overnight and it takes time to try things, report on things, modify things, have meetings and talk about things and then finalize things.

    While this process is crazy slow and frustrating, there is no way to avoid those simple human mechanics. This website failed as wilarp, it failed as prolarp, it failed as two sites but it works as it is now... just trying to get all the parts of the site to standardize now and we're working on it as fast as we can.

    Looking forward, again... we talked about going up to a practice by Ralik Ravenwolf or something down by Murdoch McArthur. We talked in some elder meetings of trying to co-promote larger games for 2017. I know Conidor Firerock and Qynn Nightwing agreed to it. Not sure what Graycor Gallowmist has planned as we didn't talk about it yet bit I agree with Graycor on getting everyone to the same games we all plan on hosting.

    Now this is just me, but I see a practice host in many areas of Wisconsin starting up and then everyone coming to the regional games that are co-promoted and some of the outpost day games too. We need practices in each community and then larger games where hosts work together so we all bring as many people as we can to the bigger adventures. There are lots of people willing to host practices and help out, there just isn't a formal process on the tier system yet because that just started this year. I'd like to have the hosting courses up on the site before the winter complete with video and audio tutorials so people can apply to become a host while also learning what needs to be done before you CAN host. I started shooting some of those videos last weekend too. Remember the "what equipment a host needs" stuff I was talking about? Ya, that video was for those courses.

    I do understand this is frustrating, but we have to prove to unite the groups or, just like many larps in Wisconsin, we'll be stuck maxing out at fewer players and not able to host larger games.. you need the small host infrastructure to support the large games. You need 10-20 hosts to find 5 that could work for tier 2 or 3. We have to train people on how to set up LarpCraft in their area... we have the tools, we have the community, we have the game system... we just need more places to experience the fun.

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