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Colony Question

Discussion in 'LarpCraft of Milwaukee, WI USA' started by Colomnon Hyzing, Apr 17, 2015.

  1. Colomnon Hyzing

    Colomnon Hyzing Elf Cleric Myths & Legends

    do we know if Bronkthimble Downs Realm in Pewaukee still exists? i have a guy asking about it that is closer to that one then our colony. any info will help.
  2. Kylar Kargaroth

    Kylar Kargaroth Orc Ranger Blood Moon Tribe Myths & Legends

    Was that Mary's farm..? The Dwarf realm or something?

    If so, that would be a question for Gnarlug Dew Claw as to whether or not we're still using it.
  3. Gru Rahal One Eye

    Gru Rahal One Eye Orc Witch Doctor Myths & Legends

    It was in Waukesha and yes it is still physically there but we have not done events there in some time
  4. Gnarlug Dew Claw

    Gnarlug Dew Claw Orc Warrior Blood Moon Tribe Transferred Character Myths & Legends

    We basically can't use it because it is too swampy. We lucked out and used it once for an event in 2013, but the water table on the riverbank rises and falls so unpredictably that we haven't been able to reliably set dates for events there. Woodsong Vale pretty much replaced it as our local outdoor venue.

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