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Becoming An Elder Of Averen

Discussion in 'LarpCraft of St. Louis, MO USA' started by Ufnar Kargaroth, Jun 19, 2014.

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    From time to time a player steps forward, wanting to help out the Colony as an Elder. However, often times a player doesn’t quite fully realize just what being an Elder means or what we Elders do. Here is a breakdown for any of you who are considering taking the next step forward. Bear in mind that each colony handles their elders differently, so if you are reading this and NOT from Averen, you need to check with your local Colony Chief and see what the duties of an Elder are for them.

    Here in Averen, the elders are essentially staff (but without pay, sadly). Inside the game we serve as referees in the event of a dispute regarding rules or if an altercation between players were to arise. We serve as safety officers, constantly monitoring the realm for potential risks as well as monitoring the players for safe behaviors and health risks (such as dehydration, signs of heat stroke, etc.). However, being an elder has no bearing on the status of the various characters we play (meaning there is no in-game perks for being an elder).

    An Elder’s responsibilities are not limited to in-game either. We spend twice as much time (or more) out of game working on various elements for our colony. Collectively we plan and execute the various plots and other aspects of our events, work together to acquire props and gear for our group, and scout new locations for our games to be held. We promote the colony wherever and whenever we can in a constant attempt at growing our player-base.

    Now that you have a better idea of just what an elder does, here is a breakdown of the requirements for being an Elder of Averen:
    • Must be able to pass a criminal background check. Our games are all ages, and we must be mindful of this when choosing our staff.
    • Elders must be role models for our players, whether new or veteran. This is probably one of the most important responsibilities.
    • An elder must be familiar with rules and able to answer any questions from new or veteran players.
    • An elder must be safety conscious, and always on the lookout for anything that could be dangerous. This can be physical dangers in the realm, or potentially dangerous activities by players. Safety training, such as being CPR certified, is preferred but not required.
    • Elders must be able to keep calm in an emergency, and must be able to coach bad behaviors in a non-aggressive manner. Non-aggressive, but assertive. An elder found to be too aggressive will be asked to step down.
    • We elders are all dedicated NPCs, which means we may only get to play our characters at events held by other colonies. We try to take turns with this, allowing each of us to get some game time in as our actual characters, but sadly that may not always be possible.
    • All elders must contribute to the planning and prepping of events. This means that you as an Elder will have prior knowledge of the plots. You must keep this information to yourself. For those players whose spouse also plays, you must likewise keep the plot info to yourself. If for some reason you cannot help with the event prep, you must give the Colony Chief immediate notice. An elder who consistently fails to help with the prep of events will be asked to step down. An elder who is found to be passing along plot information will not only be forced to step down, but may also be banned from the group altogether.
    • All elders are required to be financial contributors, which means we purchase food, props, etc out of our own pockets if necessary. However, we save these receipts and get reimbursed out of the colony fund after each event, if possible.

    An Elder who fails to meet these requirements will be asked to step down.

    If you are interested in becoming an elder, send me a PM.
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