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Gorg Child-Bearer
Last Activity:
Jan 16, 2017
Aug 1, 2011
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Character Gender:
Dec 22, 1995 (Age: 22)
Location for map. Or use Coordinates (example 43.778043, -87.745651):
Southern Wisconsin
Character Occupation:

Village Crier

Gorg Child-Bearer

Orc Barbarian Midland Colony Elder, Male, 22, from Southern Wisconsin

Blood Moon Tribe Myths & Legends

For the Raven god! Aug 16, 2011

Gorg Child-Bearer was last seen:
Jan 16, 2017
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    Character Gender:
    Dec 22, 1995 (Age: 22)
    Location for map. Or use Coordinates (example 43.778043, -87.745651):
    Southern Wisconsin
    Character Occupation:
    Blood Moon Tribe
    Character Race:
    1st Profession (0 XP):
    Blacksmith Profession
    0 XP Skills (5 of them):
    One Handed Weapon | Thrown Weapons & Small Rocks | Long One Handed Weapon | Bastard Weapon | Small Polearm
    10K XP Skills:
    Two Handed Weapon | Ultralight Armor
    20K XP Skills:
    Light Armor | Small Shield/Buckler
    30K XP Skills:
    Knife in Offhand | Metal Armor Repair Blacksmithing
    40K XP Skills:
    Weapon Repair | Advanced Metal Armor Repair Blacksmithing
    50K XP Skills:
    Knock Out | Waylay
    60K XP Skills:
    Reinforced Armor Blaksmithing | Orc War Drums
    70K XP Skills:
    Ancestral Spirit | Chop Roots
    80K XP Skills:
    Blacksmithing Metal Armor Field Repair | Dual Wield
    90K XP Skills:
    Cleave | Medium Shield
    100K XP Skills:
    Large Shield | Medium Armor
    110K XP Skills:
    Heavy Armor | Orc Rage
    120K XP Skills:
    Piercing Arrow/Bolt | Reinforced Shield
    130K Skills:
    Reinforced Weapon | Advanced Carbon Forging Blacksmithing
    140K XP Skills:
    Siege Weapon Operation | Repair Siege Weapon
    150K XP Skills:
    Destroy Siege Weapon | Missile Weapon
    160K XP Skill:
    Tower Shield or XL Shield
    170K XP Skill:
    Armor Mastery
    180K XP Skill:
    Flailed One Handed Weapon
    190K XP Skill:
    Large Polearm
    200K XP Skill:
    Full Armor
    210K XP Skill:
    Ancestral Soul Strike
    220K XP Skill:
    Expert Metal Blacksmithing
    Gorg was always called Gorg Child-bearer by his fellow clan members do to his wide hips shown when he wasn't wearing armor and his smaller, "female-like" tusks. One day he went out into the woods. While he was out there, he found a house. Outside was a man. He sat there, cutting up a wooden figure. Gorg's eyes widened as he realized it was a totem of the raven spirit. Blinded by anger, he charged out and killed him. Turning, he saw a women, the mate of the man. He struck her down as well. In his blood-lust, he ate the humans and burned down their home. As the structure burned he slept and rested. The house was smoldering as he awoke. Deciding to search the charred wreck, he found a child's remains inside. He felt like a coward, killing an innocent who could not defend itself. But then, a raven landed upon the corpse, right in front of Gorg. It picked at the flesh of the dead child. Gorg now knew that it was the great raven spirit's will that this child die. Gorg then strapped the remains onto his shield, giving a whole new meaning to his title Child-Bearer. His clan, the Bloodeye Clan, now call him Gorg Child-bearer out of respect! Several days after, Gorg's entire clan, the Blood Eye Clan, were killed by undead, leaving him the only surviving member of the Blood Eye.

    Last year, Gorg was at the lands of Ganda La Har. He and Rog built the wall that helped protect the village from the beasts of the land. During the beast's night raid Gorg suffered many scars. He, Rog, and Grimnock went on to form the Blood Moon Tribe.

    During the spring, Gorg traveled to Aladon. There he met pirates who tried to hire him, but he refused, not wanting to be a mercenary.

    At the lands of Midland, Gorg returned to the home of his clan. What he found there was undead, bandits, and a new group of Black Orcs. The other inhabitants, mostly Humans and Elves, wanted to rid the lands of the Black Orcs, but Gorg befriended them along with Lorreta. As for the undead and bandits, they were slain and Midland was safe for the time being.

    In the woodlands of Esker, Gorg met two new Orcish friends, Gnarlug Dew Claw and Mazaga Jaw Breaker. He invited them both to join the Blood Moon Tribe. Later that evening they encountered Bucky, the one who tried to declare war on the Orcs. Gorg eventually fought an honor duel with Bucky. Gorg defeated him, dishonoring Bucky and hopefully putting an end to these threats of war.

    Gorg traveled to the lands of Esker again. Many things happened. The dishonored one attempted to take the banner of his clan and put the blame onto the Devil Dogs, but both parties proved honorable and saw through his little scheme. On the next day, his trust was betrayed by the House of the Iron Ring, though they have since apologized, they knocked Gorg unconscious and searched him for evidence of the lies and treachery of being a spy. That afternoon, Gorg participated in a tournament. Winning, he claimed the title "Champion of Esker".

    While still in the lands of Esker, Gorg was made chieftain of the Blood Moon, and established a camp for the Orcs.

    After a while, Gorg traveled back to his home of Midland. His newly appointed Warlord, Gnarlug, came with him. They traveled with a fairy named Dew Drop. After a while of walking through the lands, they came across a nature spirit. They continued on and found a chest surrounded by skeletons and bones. The Orcs decided to let it be, but Gnarlug found a piece of gold on the way out from the trees. He picked it up and was cursed with silence. After finding the cure, the Orcs were approached by two bandits. One of them claimed to be the son of a man who Gnarlug had previously killed and sought revenge for it. They agreed to an honor duel. The fight was intense, but Gnarlug came out victorious. Nothing much happened the rest of the day.

    Again, Gorg traveled to another land, but this time to the Drow city of Deeplight. There he met the Alehammers, a group of city Orcs. He also befriended some Orcs that lived down in the dungeons by giving them booze. He also somehow managed to gain Drow favor for something his other Warlord, Grimnock, did.

    Recently, Gorg has gone on a sort of spiritual trip and has become more familiar in the ways of shamanism.


    Vrasubatburuk ug butharubatgruiuk!