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Artenen Aeolus
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Jun 21, 2018 at 8:56 AM
Jul 29, 2011
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Merchant Ship Captain | Scholar

Village Crier

Artenen Aeolus

Paladin | Captain of the Magna Navis, Male, from Wisconsin

Lore Master LarpCraft Host '17 Donor Myths & Legends 2017 Waivers Blogger Elder Host Vault House of the Iron Ring Lifetime Award Mapped

Aladon. Aug 22, 2016

Artenen Aeolus was last seen:
Jun 21, 2018 at 8:56 AM
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    Character Gender:
    Character Story URL:
    Location for map. Or use Coordinates (example 43.778043, -87.745651):
    Character Occupation:
    Merchant Ship Captain | Scholar
    Alt Accounts:
    Blaz Delmonte: Myths & Legends | Duke Nollman: Wild West
    Emergency Contact Info:
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    Myths & Legends Character
    Character Age:
    House of the Iron Ring
    Character Race:
    1st Profession (0 XP):
    Enchanting Profession
    0 XP Skills (5 of them):
    One-Handed Weapon | Thrown Weapons | Long One-Handed Weapon | Bastard Weapon | Flight Weapons
    10K XP Skills:
    Small Polearm | Two-Handed Weapon
    20K XP Skills:
    Large Polearm | Missile Weapon
    30K XP Skills:
    Ultralight Armor | Light Armor
    40K XP Skills:
    Small Shield / Buckler | Siege Weapon Operation
    50K XP Skills:
    Medium Armor | Medium Shield
    60K XP Skills:
    Destroy Siege Weapon | Cleave
    70K XP Skills:
    Arrow Stab | Knock Out / WayLay
    80K XP Skills:
    Knife in Offhand | Dual Wield
    90K XP Skills:
    Loot Chest Lock | Loot Chest Trap
    100K XP Skills:
    Basic Ground Trap | Trap Mastery
    110K XP Skills:
    Snap Trap | Heavy Armor
    120K XP Skills:
    Large Shield | Tower or XL Shield
    130K Skills:
    Aligist | Dispel Magic
    140K XP Skills:
    Spell Block | Experienced Caster
    150K XP Skills:
    Mana Band 1 | Mana Band 2
    160K XP Skill:
    Mana Band 3
    170K XP Skill:
    Mana Band 4
    180K XP Skill:
    Mana Band 5
    190K XP Skill:
    Scientific Ingenuity
    200K XP Skill:
    Silence Caster (Orange Orb)
    210K XP Skill:
    Blinding Light (White Orb)
    220K XP Skill:
    Magic Blast (Silver orb)
    230K XP Skill:
    Death (gold orb)
    240K XP Skill:
    Mana Band 6
    250K XP Skill:
    Mana Band 7
    260K XP Skill:
    Mana Band 8
    270K XP Skill:
    Mana Band 9
    280K XP Skill:
    Mana Band 10
    290K XP Skill:
    Cure Lesser Wounds
    300K XP Skill:
    Improved Healing
    310K XP Skill:
    Speak with Dead
    320K XP Skill:
    Cure Major Wounds
    330K XP Skill:
    Basic Resurrection
    340K XP Skill:
    Advanced Resurrection
    350K XP Skill:
    Artisan Resurrection
    360K XP Skill:
    Minor Health Enchant
    370K XP Skill:
    Artisan Enchant Health
    380K XP Skill:
    Minor Mana Enchant
    390K XP Skill:
    Artisan Mana Enchant
    400K XP Skill:
    Enchanted Loot Chest
    410K XP Skill:
    Disenchant Loot Chest
    420K XP Skill:
    Scorch Fire Enchant
    430K XP Skill:
    Stone Enchant
    440K XP Skill:
    Infect Enchant
    450K XP Skill:
    Lightning Enchant
    460K XP Skill:
    Magic Resistance
    470K XP Skill:
    480K XP Skill:
    Disarm Block
    490K XP Skill:
    Sunder Weapon
    500K XP Skill:
    Sunder Shield
    Artenen's first recorded journey to Maywood

    After I left Yamtal in search of adventure, my ship came to the mouth of a river on the red sea. At the base of this river I saw a large tree with 5 bases. Figuring that the base of the river was for small craft only, I anchored my merchant ship Magna Navis and began to take the shore boat up the river. Observations ranged from
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